Becoming a Six Figure Freelance Copywriter

How to Earn 6-Figures a Year As a Freelance Financial Copywriter

One hundred percent of financial publishers need skilled copywriters. Great copywriters make great money. The best cash six figure paychecks. Many times each year.

Hey there. My name is Jake Hoffberg and after a ten-year career of beating my head against the wall making something like 80,000 cold calls I made a life altering decision. I decided I wanted to become a freelance financial copywriter.

The immediate problem was I had never written sales copy, much less financial sales copy. So, I read everything I could find, practiced like crazy, and pestered and bugged potential clients until someone gave me a shot.

With every project, my copy improved, along with his income. My first check — for $350 — was the most important one. It said I was now a paid copywriter . . . just not one who could pay his bills. Yet.

Four months later, my monthly income had grown to $5,000. The next month, it doubled and hasn’t dipped below $10,000 since. In my biggest month, I brought in $50,000, thanks to project fees and royalties.

One year after I got my first paid copywriting project, I had made $140,000. The next year, a whole lot more.

This is the content I wish I had when I started out. It would have saved me a ton of time and trouble. In this program, I'm going to show you exactly what you need to know to get into the financial copywriting game. I'm going to lay out for you . . .

  • A detailed overview of how the category works and what goes into becoming a successful freelance financial copywriter
  • The basic behaviors and actions you'll need to burn into your memory banks if you want to be a successful freelancer
  • How to set up your own “swipe file,” the critical library of good ideas every copywriter must have
  • Some investing basics you’ll need in order to write great copy
  • The core copywriting concepts behind every great package
  • The basic of the sales cycle and what you need to know to move it forward
  • Some things you need to know to make freelancing a real business

Your Instructor

Jake Hoffberg
Jake Hoffberg

Jake is co-founder and CEO of HoffbergDRMC. During his career in direct sales, Jake made more than 80,000 sales calls, delivered more than 3,000 sales demos, signed up 1,700 new accounts, and generated millions of dollars in sales. But he hated how ineffective in inefficient these old school direct sales methods were in generating new business.

So he decided to teach himself direct response marketing: the art and science of selling products and services from a distance.

As a direct response copywriter, he has helped financial publishers like Dent Research and Mauldin Economics generate more than 20,000 new subscribers and millions of dollars in recurring revenue.

. . . . . .


Jake Hoffberg sees what others don’t — opportunity. Specifically, money-making opportunities.

In high school, he sold candy to classmates to pay for his school lunch. During and after college, he made a living promoting nightclubs.

So when he found himself getting up at 6 a.m. every day and logging countless miles on the odometer selling college textbooks for someone else, it was time for a change.

“I made a lot of money in sales, but I hated what I was doing. I had to drive into territory and show up every day,” he says. “I called my boss and quit — without a backup plan. Then the clock was ticking. I thought, ‘What do I do now?’”

Copywriting: A Career on His Own Schedule

Jake knew one thing: After 10 years of cold calling, it was time to get out of direct sales.

He started a couple of info-marketing ventures, but nothing took off. Somewhere amid consuming classic marketing and advertising books, Jake uncovered his next opportunity — copywriting.

“I had never written sales copy or had any dreams of being a writer before,” he says. “But I was attracted to the lifestyle. I wanted to work on my own schedule. Given my 10 years in sales, copywriting just made sense.”

Jake started with The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting from American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI), where he learned the fundamentals of direct-response copywriting. There, he studied some of the most successful direct-response examples in the industry — many of them for the financial industry.

Again, alarms sounded on Jake’s internal “opportunity” radar. “One hundred percent of financial publishers need more writers,” he says. “As a businessperson, I like the low supply, high demand, and high barrier to entry of financial copywriting.”

Finding a Client and Mentor

Jake faced that barrier head-on — the learning curve of mastering financial copy. In Secrets of Writing Blockbuster Financial Market Controls, he studied the letters and publications of leading publishers such as Dent Research and Agora Publishing.

In Joshua Boswell’s Getting Clients Roadmap, Jake formulated a plan for landing projects. “In Joshua’s program, I really felt like I was making progress,” he says. “I got specifics like a rate sheet, contracts, and how to get hired. It gave me a lot of confidence.”

“Through all the AWAI programs, I really got value from the supportive coaching and community aspects,” Jake adds. “They genuinely care about people being successful.”

Jake wasted no time in seeking clients, reaching out to financial publishers via LinkedIn InMail. Only one contact replied, but that was enough. Dent Research could use some help.

To get an actual project, Jake remained tenacious. For a month, he emailed the creative director about typos in existing copy and sent over ideas. “I bothered them until they just gave me a job,” he says. “That was the strategy.”

Finally, Dent sent him his first assignment: an advertorial. Meanwhile, Jake continued reaching out via InMail, and picked up additional projects with Agora Publishing. On those early projects he indeed “learned as he earned,” and now cringes thinking of his first copywriting attempts.

“The creative director at Dent would chop up my copy. Whole sections were crossed out with suggestions,” he says. “It was terrible. But having a mentor was where things really started to change for me in terms of growing as a copywriter.”

From Zero to $140K

With every project, Jake’s copy improved, along with his income. His first check — for $350 — confirmed he was now a paid copywriter, yet it wouldn’t pay the bills. Just four months later, his monthly income had grown to $5,000. The next month, it doubled and hasn’t dipped below $10,000 since. In his biggest month, he brought in $50,000, thanks to project fees and royalties.

“One year after I got my first paid copywriting project, I had made $140,000,” he says. “What other opportunity do you have in 90 days to learn a skill and make six-figures your first year doing it?”

“I had a sales background, but still started at zero with copywriting like everyone else,” he adds. “It happened quickly because I was so persistent in finding clients.”

Now Jake has expanded beyond copywriting. He started a full-service marketing agency to help financial advisors build their businesses with affluent clients. It’s the perfect arena for Jake to combine his years of sales experience with his copywriting and marketing skills.

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